Thursday, February 12, 2015

Smartphones are much closer and keep close.

Have you ever thought about the existence of a smartphone in your life, whether the presence of smartphone simplify your life or even vice versa. Often we see people on the street is busy with its own smartphone - regardless of each person passing in front of him. Often we do not realize when you're at home with the family, we unconsciously preoccupied themselves with our favorite smartphone, as well as other family members were also busy with their favorite smartphone - each. there is a term which mentions that the smartphone away near and far closer. There is some truth in that parable I mentioned earlier. Often features - features available on our smartphones make us lose track of time, ranging from games, chat, to social media. All these features make us hypnotized and dissolve in our smartphone features. The true nature of a smartphone should have a much closer, instead of vice versa keep close. Due to the wide range of sophisticated features of today's smartphones, relatives or even our old friend who is thousands of kilometers from where we are we can find only limited in the display of our favorite smartphone. Back again all the sophistication of the technology can be optimized when users use the sophistication of the technology wisely.