Rabu, 25 Februari 2015

Wise in dealing with the development of technology gadgets.

Having a cell phone with a high specification and the latest technology is the desire of every gadget lover. But to get it all should we redeemed at a price that is very expensive, while the development of mobile phone technology and trends is progressing very quickly, of course, we will always be left behind even if we buy today's most sophisticated mobile phones, can be in two or three months later will emerging mobile technology and more advanced specs. Of course, all of this could happen because the marketing strategies of mobile phone manufacturers, in order to provoke the maniacs gadget to always follow the trend that appears. But for those of us who have a minimal budget, we can only bite the fingers see it all, without being able to follow the movements of rapid technological trends. One - the only strategy for dealing with this all is to buy a phone that suits our needs. But most important of it all is that we should be able to put the brakes on our desire to follow the trend of ever-evolving technologies every second. Because the only true desire to satisfy our prestige and status in the association and our social life. But to follow the trend of technology without the technology we can optimize it to be gratuitous. For that it was prudent in dealing with the development of technological gadgets that inevitably will always haunt our lives.

Selasa, 17 Februari 2015

Do not be afraid to buy a smartphone with the highest specification

The existence of the current smartphone is very useful for every person who has a high work intensity and high-intensity interact with each other. Without us knowing our time in a day gone just to play our smartphones, we like late in our own world. As we all know, that the specification of mobile phones today have features that are very diverse, so we will be confused in choosing the features that suit our needs, I'm sure, not all of the features available on your smartphone, you are using. This could be due to the limitations we will be how to use the feature. Maybe some of us only use 10 to 15 features available on our smartphones, coupled with the millions of existing applications in the android market and app store. For that to our smartphones to function optimally, we need to learn about the various features and applications that we can apply in our smartphones, all that we can get from existing sites and blogs on the Internet that discuss about the features and smartphone applications. By doing so, we will not feel the loss if we buy a smartphone at a great price. Since most people buy a smartphone at a great price just for a prestige or lifestyle, without knowing how to maximize the features and applications on our smartphone.

Kamis, 12 Februari 2015

Smartphones are much closer and keep close.

Have you ever thought about the existence of a smartphone in your life, whether the presence of smartphone simplify your life or even vice versa. Often we see people on the street is busy with its own smartphone - regardless of each person passing in front of him. Often we do not realize when you're at home with the family, we unconsciously preoccupied themselves with our favorite smartphone, as well as other family members were also busy with their favorite smartphone - each. there is a term which mentions that the smartphone away near and far closer. There is some truth in that parable I mentioned earlier. Often features - features available on our smartphones make us lose track of time, ranging from games, chat, to social media. All these features make us hypnotized and dissolve in our smartphone features. The true nature of a smartphone should have a much closer, instead of vice versa keep close. Due to the wide range of sophisticated features of today's smartphones, relatives or even our old friend who is thousands of kilometers from where we are we can find only limited in the display of our favorite smartphone. Back again all the sophistication of the technology can be optimized when users use the sophistication of the technology wisely.

Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

BLU Studio 6.0 HD Smartphone - Unlocked - White

With stylish design and an amazing display Studio 6.0 HD phablet takes your viewing experience to another level. With this wide screen then you will be pampered with comfort in use. 6.0 "IPS Display: Smartphone is equipped with HD (720x1280) 8MP Camera with LED Flash with HD recording (1080p), 2MP Front Camera. With great resolution camera like this, then the resulting image will be very clear. What was your experience in photographing will was very pleasant. Unlocked Dual SIM Phone; this smartphone is also equipped with an internal memory which is large enough that with 8GB internal Storage 1GB of RAM and a Micro SD up to 32GB. with 1 GB Ram then in running applications on your smartphone will be lighter and quickly. this smartphone is also equipped with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core Processor with MALI 400 GPU, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (Upgradeable to Kit Kat V4.4) 4G HSPA + 42Mbps 850/1700/1900. Nationwide AT & T: Cricket Wireless, TracFone, Straight Talk , Net10, H20 Wireless, Wireless 420, Black Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Pure, Red Pocket, Telcel America. T-Mobile: Lyca, Speed talk, Go Smart, Simple Mobile, Net10, Straight Talk, Solavei, Ultra Mobile, Telcel America, Walmart Family Mobile.